3 Months before TTC

3 Months before TTC

At the 3 month mark, I read the aforementioned book: ‘What to Expect before you’re expecting‘ The book is good and I would recommend reading it.

What I learnt, and what I did:

The main things I took away from reading the book cover to cover are:

  1. Visit your GP and make sure all your vaccines are up to date.
    • I did this and I am Utd with all my appropriate vaccinations. Despite being quite obviously obese the doctor didn’t mention it and I was the one that brought up dieting not him (more on that later).
  2. Visit your Dentist and make sure your gums are in good condition.
    • Pregnancy hormones cause gums to recede so you should get a check-up before getting pregnant.
  3. Cut the caffeine.
    • I’m not a coffee drinker but I love a cup of English tea…. well when pregnant or TTC the recommended amount of caffeine only amounts to 4 cups of tea a day: I was on 8 or more. So I spent a few weeks cutting down the caffeine because who wants a caffeine headake along with all the other sometimes unpleasant symptoms of early pregnancy when going cold turkey.
  4. Cut the alcohol
    • If your TTC alcohol is not your friend; it can cause fluctuations in your monthly cycle and possibly affect ovulation! I don’t really drink so this one was no problem for me.
  5. Smokers should quit
    • I’m a non-smoker but I’m sure you know the reasoning; oxygen levels in the blood are so low they affect the babies development.
  6. Start taking Pregnancy multivitamins
    • The book recommends something with 400mcg to 600mcg of folic acid in. I only found one that contained that volume: Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max
    • The folic acid is for the babies development and helps to reduce the chances of neural tube defects, and taking them up to a year in advance can be beneficial.
    • Vitamin B6 can help reduce morning sickness.
    • Overall these tablets should improve your chance of conception.
  7. Loose weight
    • Being in the normal weight range will improve your chance of a healthy pregnancy for both mum and baby.

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