Couldn’t Wait…

Couldn’t Wait…

So I’ve been feeling like I’m pregnant, but am trying no to over think it or read into anything too much but if I were a betting woman I would have said I was cooking something. For mainly odd reasons which I will go into later…

So last night I decided to take a test; after bloating out 2 weeks ago just after I should have ovulated, which it super unusual for me, I was losing all that water, this resulted in weak urine which when testing early isn’t a good thing. Needless to say, the result on my Clear Blue Digital test was sadly: ‘Not Pregnant’! 😦

So being OCD I decided to save the second test for tomorrow (13th July) when AF is due and 2 more tests should have arrived from Amazon; because heaven forbid I should be without spare tests!
It just so happened that Amazon managed to post them out to get them here for today. So as soon as they arrived as I hadn’t been to the toilet in a few hours I took them straight upstairs and tested again!

My urine was rather dark so I was quite confident I’d get an accurate test result this time.
After waiting what felt like a lifetime the Clear Blue Digital read: ‘Pregnant’ ‘1-2’! I’m so happy and so grateful that everything which went into the planning beforehand appears to have paid off for me. I know lady luck had a lot to do with it as well but I did everything I think I possibly could to make this happen.

So I am now officaly 4 weeks pregnant!


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