Week 5 of Pregnancy (3 weeks PC)

Week 5 of Pregnancy (3 weeks PC)

Everything is still running smoothly currently, I have no major pregnancy symptoms.

I am retaining water this week, have started gagging when I cough (a couple of small normal coughs then a small gag) odd rather than a problem, I’ve had some mild nausea that I can’t 100% contribute back the pregnancy, and my breast/nipples are beyond sensitive. My worse symptom though is my rosacea, it’s reacting to the pregnancy hormones and has flared up rather badly (from me) on my forehead. 😦

I am not tired currently, and I put this down to the iron supplement Floradix I take whenever I remember (you shouldn’t take it with anything containing calcium, which stops irons absorption, e.g. the pregnancy vitamins).

I have no cravings or aversions, and am eating as healthy as I possibly can following ‘the pregnancy diet‘ as set out in the book “What to expect when you’re expecting“.

Baby’s Size this week: 1-3mm

Fact: Baby’s heart is the size of a poppy seed and has started to beat.



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