Week 6 of Pregnancy (4 weeks PC)

Week 6 of Pregnancy (4 weeks PC)

Everything is still running smoothly, I have no major pregnancy symptoms.

I am still retaining water this week, and I think I have a small amount of constipation to add to the bloating. The gagging has progressed so that I am now almost sick if I cough more than twice, and my breasts are still sensitive. However, on the bright side my rosacea is now receding and it almost better now, than how it is on my normal monthly cycle.

I’m not tired still, and am continuing to take the Floradix when remember, but will be reducing this as it doesn’t help with constipation.

I have no cravings or aversions, and am eating as healthy as I possibly can following ‘the pregnancy diet‘ as set out in the book “What to expect when you’re expecting“.

Baby’s Size this week: 6mm

Fact: The Baby’s neural tube closes this week.


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