What will this be about: Well I thought about doing a Vlog but I’m not very good at talking to a machine and spend a lot of the time erm’ing…. Writing though I’m moderately good at so this seemed the better option (plus I’d already written down what I wanted to say so typing it out should be a breeze)!

Name: Frankie Hart < Pseudonym ūüôā

Marital Status: Married  (1year 3months Рas of today)

BoB: 02/08/1988   Age: 28 (as of today)

Sex: Female

Height: 5’9/1.75m

Weight: 21st 3lb/135.2kg   BMI: 43.9 (as of today)

Smoker: No

Average Weekly Alcohol: 0-2 Units

Job type: Sedentary

Pets: 2 Cats (and a Husband)

Existing Medical Conditions: Overweight, Rosaces


I’m a big planner; my wedding was better organized that a Top Secret military operation. My life is not full of surprises not because I don’t like them but because I like to be in control. As with my wedding, this¬†future¬†baby has been no less planned. I like to think I control that which I can and let the rest just happen. Everyone thought I’d have a meltdown on W-day; I didn’t. Instead, I was a cool as a cucumber I had done absolutely everything I could prior and on the day knew to let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may. It went off with barely a hitch, and I dealt with everything¬†that didn’t go as perfectly as I had planned post honeymoon. Now onto TS Military operation 2……