So Far, So Good…

So Far, So Good…

What will this be about: Well I thought about doing a Vlog but I’m not very good at talking to a machine and spend a lot of the time erm’ing…. Writing though I’m moderately good at so this seemed the better option (plus I’d already written down what I wanted to say so typing it out should be a breeze)!

Planning Baby No. 1

12+ Months before TTC – Home

Fortunately for both him and myself, my husband isn’t the type of guy who likes to fly by the seat of his pants. So like everything in our life this moment had been planed out long ago. Baby no. 1 wasn’t going to happen in our old home; after being pre-warned by a friend that to get our future children into good schools we would need to move to said area prior to conception and having already purchased a new build house once I knew you had to get in long before they lay the footings to get hold of a good plot. So before we were even married I started to look into new builds homes in the area of Kent (England) we now live in. We had to scrap the first development we found after finding out the house wouldn’t be ready until 2018. However, for us, this worked in our favor as before we were no longer looking around post we found a better development and plot.

12 Months before TTC – Period Diary(s) / AF Apps

So about 12 months ago if not before, I changed my AF App on my phone to one that also had a pregnancy app to match. Of all on offer I chose 2 and used both consecutively for about 3 months as well as adding in about 6 months of back data from my existing app, before choosing between them. I chose the app below because it asked for less information daily that the runner-up as I knew I would try to update everything every day.

AF app: Glow

This app predicts AF to the day 95% of the time for me. It also tells you when you’re most likely ovulating and your % chance of getting pregnant on any give day. Which is handy about now.

Also at 12 Months before TTC – Taking Folic Acid Supplements

I didn’t know about the above at the time but thought it worth mentioning here.

3 Months before TTC – Pre-conception books

I chose to read ‘What to Expect before you’re expecting‘ and this is where what I’ve done up until now came from.

Please see next post….