Slimming Down > with Slimming World

For health (personal and fertility) reasons, I am trying to reduce my BIM to within the normal ‘healthy’ range; 18.5 to 24.9. This is not to say I haven’t been trying to lose weight before TTC, I have probably tried the vast majority of the diets out there, as most have, and haven’t found anything that has been maintainable for extended periods of time. The only diet that I haven’t regained the weight I lost is the 5:2 diet, but fasting for 2 days a week isn’t conducive to growing a baby. I am well aware that it’s with me that the problem lies; I always start a diet with a will of iron only to end up crumbling somewhere down the line and more often than not end up putting on weight than I’ve lost after.

In a new attempted to make a lasting dent in my weight, as I have no desire to be a mother who has to ask her children to slow down for her, I have joined Slimming world with a friend. Tonight is weigh-in number 4. So far I have lost 7.5lb which is nice but nowhere near enough; I still have to lose another 10st to make it into the healthy BIM numbers. To lose that amount of weight means not only dieting as we TTC but hopefully, also means doing so throughout the pregnancy as I can’t afford to gain any weight throughout.
Slimming world is sponsored by the Royal College of Midwives; which is the main reason for choosing it. I am hopeful that with the help of the group, my friend, and the looming threat of both being unable to conceive and then not being eligible for help from the NHS at the size I am will keep me on the straight and narrow and allow me to make the lasting changes to my lifestyle that are stopping me at the moment.

Weigh in 1:           21st 10.5lb
Weigh in 2:           21st 5.5lb             Weight Change:                   -5lb
Weigh in 3:           21st 3lb                Weight Change:                   -2.5lb
Weigh in 4:           21st 6.5lb             Weight Change:                   +3.5lb  < Conception
Weigh in 5:           21st 1.5lb             Weight Change:                   -5lb
Weigh in 6:           20st 12.5lb           Weight Change:                   -3lb
Weigh in 7:           21st 2.5lb             Weight Change:                   +4lb
Total: -8lb