Week 6 of Pregnancy (4 weeks PC)

Week 6 of Pregnancy (4 weeks PC)

Everything is still running smoothly, I have no major pregnancy symptoms.

I am still retaining water this week, and I think I have a small amount of constipation to add to the bloating. The gagging has progressed so that I am now almost sick if I cough more than twice, and my breasts are still sensitive. However, on the bright side my rosacea is now receding and it almost better now, than how it is on my normal monthly cycle.

I’m not tired still, and am continuing to take the Floradix when remember, but will be reducing this as it doesn’t help with constipation.

I have no cravings or aversions, and am eating as healthy as I possibly can following ‘the pregnancy diet‘ as set out in the book “What to expect when you’re expecting“.

Baby’s Size this week: 6mm

Fact: The Baby’s neural tube closes this week.

Week 5 of Pregnancy (3 weeks PC)

Week 5 of Pregnancy (3 weeks PC)

Everything is still running smoothly currently, I have no major pregnancy symptoms.

I am retaining water this week, have started gagging when I cough (a couple of small normal coughs then a small gag) odd rather than a problem, I’ve had some mild nausea that I can’t 100% contribute back the pregnancy, and my breast/nipples are beyond sensitive. My worse symptom though is my rosacea, it’s reacting to the pregnancy hormones and has flared up rather badly (from me) on my forehead. 😦

I am not tired currently, and I put this down to the iron supplement Floradix I take whenever I remember (you shouldn’t take it with anything containing calcium, which stops irons absorption, e.g. the pregnancy vitamins).

I have no cravings or aversions, and am eating as healthy as I possibly can following ‘the pregnancy diet‘ as set out in the book “What to expect when you’re expecting“.

Baby’s Size this week: 1-3mm

Fact: Baby’s heart is the size of a poppy seed and has started to beat.


Couldn’t Wait…

Couldn’t Wait…

So I’ve been feeling like I’m pregnant, but am trying no to over think it or read into anything too much but if I were a betting woman I would have said I was cooking something. For mainly odd reasons which I will go into later…

So last night I decided to take a test; after bloating out 2 weeks ago just after I should have ovulated, which it super unusual for me, I was losing all that water, this resulted in weak urine which when testing early isn’t a good thing. Needless to say, the result on my Clear Blue Digital test was sadly: ‘Not Pregnant’! 😦

So being OCD I decided to save the second test for tomorrow (13th July) when AF is due and 2 more tests should have arrived from Amazon; because heaven forbid I should be without spare tests!
It just so happened that Amazon managed to post them out to get them here for today. So as soon as they arrived as I hadn’t been to the toilet in a few hours I took them straight upstairs and tested again!

My urine was rather dark so I was quite confident I’d get an accurate test result this time.
After waiting what felt like a lifetime the Clear Blue Digital read: ‘Pregnant’ ‘1-2’! I’m so happy and so grateful that everything which went into the planning beforehand appears to have paid off for me. I know lady luck had a lot to do with it as well but I did everything I think I possibly could to make this happen.

So I am now officaly 4 weeks pregnant!

Baby Dancing (BD)

Baby Dancing (BD)

Doing the baby dance, or trying to conceive. The current advice is to do it once a day, every day, and the average fertile couple will have a 38% of conceiving any given month < yup I did type that correctly you only have a 38% chance of conceiving in any given month!

How long it takes the average healthy couple actively trying to conceive:

First month:         38% will conceive in their first month of trying

Third month:       68% will have conceived by the third month

Sixth month:        81% will have conceived by the sixth month

Twelfth month:      92% will have conceived by the twelfth month

Attached is an image of this month’s BD’ing schedule and how it correlates to my green week as predicted by my AF app (Glow). Every love heart corresponds to a session of love makeing.

Glow 2

The 2 Week Wait…

The 2 Week Wait…

So this is the hideousness that is the 2-week weight between the BD and the absence of AF. The not knowing whilst all the time looking for clues given off by ones the body in the hope of getting an early tip-off that this month’s effort has paid off!
I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any tests until AF was late, but that didn’t last 3 days post-BD. Now I am promising myself that I won’t test until after AF is late and not before, but we will see how long that lasts. The problem with testing before is you can get a positive that doesn’t survive AF and you are left with, probably, more disappointment than just the thought of not having conceived in the first place.
Probably pregnancy symptoms this month:          Increased smell sensitivity
Unusual mood swings